Here you can find lab updates, awards, and celebrations.

Fall 2019
For Halloween 2019, we were the magic school bus team! Chelsea Hart as the bus, Dr. Kathleen Hughes as Mz. Frizzle, Mica Marbil as Dorthy Ann, Yomna Waly as Wanda, and Winston Ho as Tim. Seat belts everyone!

October 2019
Congratulations to Jusnoor Aujla & Ka Wing Lai for being celebrated at the PURE Fellowship Award Night. Kai worked with Dr. Susan Graham this past summer in the Child Cognition Lab, and Jusnoor worked with Dr. Kathleen Hughes in the Sea Lab

September 2019
The SEA Lab started the semester with an Escape Room. Sorry to say, we were trapped and defeated in an Egyptian tomb. So close!

Summer 2019
Congratulations to Rita Diaz, Abdullah Bernier, and Kaitlin Roth for graduating from the University of Calgary Bachelor of Arts Program! Kaitlin & Rita also completed their Honours in Psychology, and Abdullah completed an independent study in Psychology. Also, Jusnoor Aujla, Winston Ho, Rita Diaz, and Yomna Waly presented a research poster at the Owerko Conference for Developmental Psychology Great job!

June 2019
Dr. Kathleen Hughes presented two posters at the Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jusnoor Aujla presented a poster at the Owerko Conference in Calgary, Alberta.


May 2019
We hope everyone is having an easy fast for Ramadan! The Sea Lab gathered for an Iftar together this year, enjoying shawarma, pita, and lots of baklava!

April 2019
Congratulations to Sea Lab member Abdullah Bernier for being accepted to the Masters of School & Applied Child Psychology at the Werklund School for Education!
Also Congratulations to Jusnoor Aujla for being awarded a PURE Fellowship for 2019! This is the second PURE Fellowship held by the Sea Lab in two years! With so much celebratory news, the incoming, current, and alumni members of the Sea Lab visited Cibo Pizza for an end of year dinner together. Well done everyone!

March 2019
Congratulations to Sea Lab members Alicia, Winston, and Yomna for being accepted to the UCalgary Psychology Honours Program! Yomna (who completed a PURE Fellowship & Independent Study with Dr. Hughes) will be working with Dr. Susan Graham, and Winston and Alicia will be working with Dr. Kathleen Hughes.


February 2019
Dr. Hughes has co-authored “Plenty of fish in the ocean: How do traits reflecting resiliency moderate adjustment after experiencing a romantic breakup in emerging adulthood?” in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 10.1007/s10964-019-00985-5

November 2018
Dr. Hughes was awarded a Teaching Activity Grant through the UCalgary Faculty of Arts to host a series of Student Poster Galas & Toy Showcases for Psyc 351 & Psyc 383. Over a 7 day period, 240 students showcased their term projects at the Taylor Institute of Teaching & Learning, and at the Faculty of Arts Student Lounge.

October 2018
Yomna Waly was celebrated at the UCalgary PURE Fellowship Award Night. Yomna presented her poster presentation as part of her work as a PURE Fellow. Congrats Yomna!


September 2018
Dr. Hughes was interviewed as part of the University of Calgary project on Anxiety. Her interview remarks were cited in an online article, in a free Anxiety EBook, and on CBC Radio.

June 2018
Dr. Hughes and her students celebrated Canada Day with a BBQ potluck party and lots of cognitive games. Have a great summer everyone!


May 2018
Dr. Hughes presented two posters at the Developmental 2018 Conference in Niagra, Ontario. This conference travel was funded by the UCalgary Faculty of Arts.




April 2018
Eden Matthews presented her Psyc 505 project at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Day. Great work Eden!


March 2018
Dr. Hughes has co-authored two newly available publications:

Byers, E. S., Sears, H., & Hughes, K. (2018). Predicting mother-adolescent sexual communication: Use of the integrative model of behavioral prediction. Journal of Family Issues, 39(5), 94-102. DOI: 10.1177/0192513X17698183

Hughes, K., & Coplan, R. J. (2018). Why classroom climate matters for anxious solitary children: A study of differential susceptibility. School Psychology Quarterly, 33(1), 94-102. DOI: 10.1037/spq0000201

The Sea Lab’s work was presented at the Open Educational Resources Conference at the Taylor Institute.


September 2017
Dr. Hughes was awarded a Teaching Activity Grant through the UCalgary Faculty of Arts to purchase experiential teaching supplies for Intro Psychology & Cognitive Development. Here’s some of the products she purchased to make large classroom learning more engaging:

all toys

August 2017
Dr. Hughes was awarded a grant as part of the Open Educational Resources Pilot Project via the Taylor Institute of Teaching & Learning. Dr. Hughes plans to collect and curate open-access materials for Psychology with this grant.